ÖGON euro coin dispenser


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Coin Dispenser makes handling coins easy and comfortable.

Compact and convenient, the Coin Dispenser is a unique and ideal way to carry your change. It makes handling coins easy, comfortable, and fun! You will never deal with loose change in your pocket or purse again.

Short description

  • Automatic coin dispenser, give your change in a blink of an eye
  • Capacity 5/6 coins by compartment
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Aluminum is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean
  • Colour: SILVER
  • Wind-resistant up to 100 km/hr
  • Sunblock UPF50+
  • Easy to open and close
  • Eyesavers
  • Reflective print for better visibility

Care instructions

Do not put your coin dispenser in contact with keys or metal objects. Clean your aluminium coin holder with a soft cloth and window cleaner.

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